Public relations

Media Relations and Promotion

Having a voice with journalists, maintaining relationships, monitoring the right channels, developing efficient communication strategies, and, above all, telling a compelling story to the right audience (target market).


Strategic public relations planning

Each successful campaign requires planning, strategy, direction and focus. We identify and analyze short-, mid- and long-term goals of our client, as well as examine where the organization stands right now and where it intends to be in the future (short- and long-term goals).

This allows us to take a professional approach to client's needs, and enables to determine the most effective path forward, which includes:

  • Strategic Positioning Materials and Statements
  • Industry Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Partnerships & Co-Branding Opportunities
  • Price comparison analysis
  • Spokesperson Management
  • Trade & Retailer Relations
  • Forecasting
  • Lobbying opportunities
  • Training needs


Analyst relations

Industry analysts have a direct channel to B2B customers. Engagement with influential analysts regularly on product updates helps vendors stay top-of-mind as analysts then speak with end-user clients.


Industry events

We advise on events that are highly recommended being attended, whether it be as a presenter, exhibitor (or both), speaker or industry leader. For speaking submissions, we draft abstracts and work with organizers for placement.



We keep tabs on awards and industry honors clients are relevant for, drafting and submitting nominations wherever applicable.