Crisis PR

PRMR Knows How to Manage Your Message

Today's news cycle is measured in seconds (on a slow day), and the court of public opinion doesn't wait to pass judgment. We understand that when a crisis hits, minutes are money. We know how to strategically manage your message and frame the debate.


Our Strategy Is to Think First, Then Act

PRMR Public Relations specializes in highly charged issues and crisis management for companies or individuals facing unanticipated difficulties in the marketplace - from rumors to recalls - responding within minutes on crisis PR issues. We understand why a crisis is called a "defining moment" - and for this reason, our speed is tempered by an analysis of every possible scenario before taking action.


An Aggressive Approach Gets the Results You Want

We've handled a broad spectrum of issues: IPO's, IEO’s, business and personal litigation, product recalls, trade disputes, environmental problems, warranty and product liability claims, executive related scandals, misinformed public, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination cases, labor issues, criminal indictments and a variety of sensitive domestic and international political issues.

Our reputation for combining cutting edge strategy with a rapid-fire, aggressive approach helps us achieve the results our clients desire - whether accurate press coverage or none at all.


We Work Hard to Keep Your Reputation Intact - Online & Offline

We are skilled in managing Online Reputation Management/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs. When negative stories appear, we can positively impact online reputation, changing and affecting your search results quickly and efficiently.

For confidentiality reasons, our crisis PR clients cannot be named; many leading corporations trust our team to handle all aspects of crisis PR and damage control.