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3 August 2023
Elevate Your Brand's Online Reputation with PRMR's SERM Services
27 July 2023
Identifying Bad Promotion Strategies
Is your social media page facing low engagement, no sales, and minimal direct inquiries? It might be time to re-evaluate your promotion strategies! Here are some red flags to watch out for.
20 July 2023
The Neuromarketing Approach to Blockchain
19 July 2023
4 Benefits of SEO for your business
 Good SEO has become one of the foundations of content marketing. Striking a balance between engaging content and SEO principles that make your project more visible have never been more important.
7 July 2023
Our services SMM
SMM serves as one of the best ways to promote your brand or project.
5 July 2023
Brand Strategy:
The North Star of Marketing
North Star in marketing refers to the objective that directs the efforts of a company or marketing team. It helps provide a clear direction when making decisions.
30 June 2023
Pay-Per-Click, or PPC for short, is an important advertising model that can greatly impact your online marketing strategies
21 June 2023
Building a Strong Brand:
The Power of a Brand Book
A brand book is a vital tool for any brand that wishes to impose itself and have a strong identity.
13 June 2023
The Impact of Tone in
Brand Promotion
Tone plays a crucial role in brand promotion. It should be tailored specifically to its target audience, values, and goals.
07 June 2023
Decoding Crypto Marketing:
the Rules of Engagement
Regardless of how promising your crypto project might be, without effective marketing, there's only so much you can achieve.
01 June 2023
Interactive Content in Digital Marketing
Interactive content allows people to interact with it directly instead of passively. And, as it turns out, using it can be crucial to how successful your marketing strategy is nowadays.
27 May 2023
PRMR is a world leader in the promotion of blockchain projects. By walking away from the traditional, we give you creative and efficient strategies to reach new heights!
24 May 2023
Elevating B2B
Marketing with Linkedin
LinkedIn is a strong platform to not only network but also strengthen your marketing strategy.
17 May 2023
Marketing Ideas
NFTs are taking over the world as we speak. Their use cases are so flexible that you can find them everywhere.
10 May 2023
Generating traffic and leads is one of the most critical aspects that marketers set their focus on.
08 May 2023
Metaverse: Innovative
Marketing Solution
The metaverse has many use cases that are not limited to "gaming experiences". One such example is how it can give you the tools for immersive marketing solutions.
03 May 2023
Voice Search: The Key to Efficient Website Promotion
Voice search has become quite popular these last couple of years. The way it works is that this technology translates spoken words into text which is then used by the search engine as a standard search query to deliver results.
28 April 2023
Why is PRMR the best choice
The PRMR marketing agency has years of experience and over 120 cases to prove its worth.
Our purpose is to provide your business with the strategies it deserves to ensure growth and success.
25 April 2023
Effective SMM Platform-Specific Tips
We've talked time and time again about the importance of SMM and how it can greatly help your business. Today we're sharing some info to know which platforms can work best for you.
18 April 2023
Networking for Success
Networking can prove to be one of your best means to succeed professionally. By building different connections and getting acquainted with individuals, you manage to build yourself a reputation, better business growth, and, have more impact.
15 April 2023
How AI sees PRMR as Barbie
11 April 2023
3 Myths About Social Media Promotion
Now, more than ever, the usage of social media to promote your business has become one of the greatest tools you can have in your arsenal. However, some people have a few misconceptions about how this process works.
22 March 2023
4 Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Corporate Identity
When creating your brand's identity having a well thought plan is one of the most crucial aspects of successful and lasting impact on audiences.
17 March 2023
"I'll dance, dance, dance
With my hands, hands, hands"
13 March 2023
The Rise of AI in Design: Opportunities and Limitations
During the last year, AI has gained so much in terms of popularity that its spread has affected almost all aspects of our lives.
06 March 2023
Standing Out in a Crowd: 3 Strategies for Brand Differentiation
Setting your business apart from competition is key to success. By shedding light on your strenghts and the things that make you unique, you differentiate yourself and create value.
02 March 2023
Social Media: Current Figures
In this day and age, social media is one of the most effective ways to engage with your customers, all the while gaining great insight and improving your brand awareness.
27 February 2023
5 things you need to know about SEO
The digital realm has taken over. Today, any business worth its salt should be more than conscious of the fact that SEO is one of the most important things you need.
20 February 2023
5 tips to secure your social media
At some point or another, we must've all known at least someone who got their social media account taken over by a third party.
14 February 2023
Happy Valentines Day from PRMR team
The PRMR team is wishing you all a very happy Valentine's Day! May all of our lives always be filled with love, appreciation, and inspiration.
12 February 2023
Our special News & Insights page exists specially for you.

This is where we share with you the latest PRMR news and the most useful insights on blockchain promotion that you could ever find.
09 February 2023
Our case: Tidex
We're sharing with you today a case about an innovative crypto exchange - Tidex, a seasoned crypto exchange that has already proven its worth in the big bad world.
06 February 2023
Memes in marketing
The fact is that memes are popular among younger generations and are an important part of their communication. This makes them an essential marketing tool in this day and age.
01 February 2023
Your brand awareness PRMR
PRMR has the ability to bring awareness to your brand through a wide range of dynamic tools. Below, we’ll go over a few.
29 January 2023
Ways for brands to enter the Metaverse
 Entering the metaverse can be a valuable opportunity for companies to reach new audiences, provide immersive experiences, and increase engagement. The metaverse is projected to become an $800 billion market by 2024 and tech giants are already investing millions to make this dream a reality.
23 January 2023
Disproving myths about Instagram
Today, we're going to share with you 3 Instagram myths:

1. Instagram only depends on reels: While reels can be beneficial, growing through them is not a viable option anymore. Creating diverse content is key.
18 January 2023
Our case: Qmall crypto exchange
Today, the case of ours that we're sharing is the modern and innovative Ukrainian crypto exchange - Qmall 🚀 It is one of our most successful cases and is currently on its way to becoming one of Europe's most popular exchanges!
15 January 2023
5 marketing predictions you should consider in your business
Research is very important in every possible aspects of life. Recently, researchers have published five predictions that marketers should consider in their strategy in 2023 as well in the next 5 years
12 January 2023
Benefits of working with PRMR agency
The PRMR marketing agency is your best bet if you want efficient strategies to help your business or project grow.
10 January 2023
Design trends 2023
Design trends change all the time. It's important to keep track and stay up to date in order to create the most appealing designs out there.
04 January 2023
Our services: Landing page
With how much our world has embraced digitalisation, it is no surprise that businesses started to be on the move to make the most out of it.
31 December 2022
Happy New Year!
New Year is almost upon us, which is why we want to take a moment to thank everyone for their support and engagement over the past year.
It has been amazing so far, and, looking ahead, we have many things in store for the coming year.
We wish you all a happy and healthy New Year. Thank you for being with us in this journey and here's to an amazing 2023!
30 December 2022
Digital Transformation: this year's statistics
Digital transformation (DX) has proven to be a necessary step for every business that wishes to succeed and keep up with today's global trends.
If you are yet to believe that DX is in fact real, and need concrete proof, here are some recent statistics that might just change your mind.
28 December 2022
Set your goal for 2023 and get a proven strategy
New Year is almost here, did you prepare your 2023 business goals yet? If you have but don't know where to implement them, or even if you had no idea where nor how to get started, the PRMR agency is here for you!
26 December 2022
What Pinterest Predicts for 2023
Pinterest has a bit of a track record when it comes to "report predictions". According to them, 80% of their report predictions during the last 3 years did, in fact, turn out to be true.
23 December 2022
Meet our Team - Angelina Shypka, SMM
Social medias have become a powerful tool to grab the attention of audiences worldwide and create strong communities. By having an experienced social media manager in our team we ensure that not only is trust built with potential customers, but, that your brand awareness skyrockets.
19 December 2022
5 practices you can use today
There are many ways you can be seen more when promoting your business or project.
Today we are sharing 5 things you can do for better exposure and more innovation.
15 December 2022
How will PRMR make life easier for your company
The PRMR marketing agency made it its goal to provide you with the perfect services and digital strategies to help your business and project in every way possible.
06 December 2022
Our case: WeWay
Today's case of ours, is an innovative and unique ecosystem that works on building products in a Things-To-Earn (Learn, Move, Find, etc.) basis - WeWay
30 November 2022
SERM Services from The PRMR Agency
Search Engine Reputation Management or “SERM” is something that PRMR understands all too well. A brand's online reputation is one of the most important factors when it comes to its success. Thanks to the services we provide, you are able to monitor what people are saying about you online, troubleshoot any issues, increase positive feedback, and optimize search results.
28 November 2022
Building Your Brand Voice with PRMR 
  1. Incorporate Your Values
You must start by asking, how do you want your brand to make customers feel? Furthermore, how do you want to come across to your followers? Do you consider yourself a small business or a content creator?
24 November 2022
Leverage the outreach of influencers with PRMR
Making sure that your content and what you offer has a clear value is one of the most important things you need if you want good results and reach. Of course, what better way to do that than by getting help from influencers?
20 November 2022
Metamarketing is a special aspect of marketing. It holds an important place because it focuses on the study of marketing by itself as well as how it interacts with our life.
16 November 2022
BLOCKCHAIN PPC: how does it work
Pay-per-click, or PPC for short, is a marketing technique that aims to get more traffic to a specific website or platform. Everytime a link is clicked, the advertiser pays a fee.
13 November 2022
3 ways to get more IG story views
Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. With over 2 billion monthly users, this makes it one of the most perfect places to promote your business and grow a community.
10 November 2022
Shake up your business with PRMR
At PRMR, we do our best to help ensure you reach your business goals. Through our innovative and proven strategies you're sure to succeed.
8 November 2022
Planning a product launch on Social Media
In this day and age, product launching and social media go hand-in-hand. Why? It's simple. Consumers spend a great amount of time there, so what better way to reach them? 
10 August 2022
3 Unpopular opinions about SMM
SMM is an extremely important marketing tool today. Because of how digitalized the world has become, people are naturally spending more time on their devices whether it be for work or leisure.
04 August 2022
PRMR: We Make Creative Business
PRMR helps make your vision become reality and gives your business the push it needs to succeed.

We have many things to offer and our resourcefulness knows no bound. PRMR's numbers speak loud and clear.
01 August 2022
3 key tips for content marketing
Content marketing is an extremely powerful tool that can make or break your business. Executing it properly can give you the exposure and recognition you have craved for so long.
27 July 2022
5 Trends in the NFT Space
NFTs are fun, quirky, and give you a lot of opportunities. Thanks to its exponential rise in popularity, many trends have started to see the light of day.
25 July 2022
Marketing strategy VS Marketing plan
You're all probably acquainted with the concepts of marketing strategy and marketing plan, but do you know the difference between both?
20 July 2022
6 things PRMR can do for your business
PRMR creates efficient PR & digital strategies to ensure your business achieves the goals you want.

With our help, you can ...
07 July 2022
5 mistakes you make in promoting
Promotion for your business is a great idea to have better exposure and achieve better results. The only issue here is that deciding to do a promo doesn't mean it'll succeed, especially if you keep falling for the same mistakes.
05 July 2022
Peculiarities of NFT Marketing
Each project, no matter its niche, needs proper marketing for it to thrive — NFTs are no exception. If anything, they require from you to be precise and use tools that are specifically tailored for those who are in the crypto and NFT community.
29 June 2022
PRMR: our PR services
Providing PR services is not just a about the PR itself.

There are many aspects that are in play for a campaign to be qualified as good, and for a PR agency to be worthy of your trust.
27 June 2022
Our team
Meet our Team - Bohdana Moskvita, PRMR's HR manager.

Maintaining a strong and effective team is essential to being successful and always providing the best services possible.
22 June 2022
Design in SMM
Social Media Marketing is a very major tool in your arsenal if you wish to create an image for your brand and keep your audience interested and interactive.
15 June 2022
Our team
Meet our Team - Marina Yavorskaya, PRMR's designer.

Marina's work relies heavily on creativity and having an open mind. She is the one who shapes the visual aspect of things to best match the project and the message that wants to be sent.
08 June 2022
What separates Discord from other platforms?
Discord is a social platform that allows people to interact with each other via text messages, video calls, and voice chats.
06 June 2022
Telegram marketing
Telegram marketing can be an extremely effective means to not only grow steadily your community but also keep them constantly invested.
02 June 2022
Why are you losing followers?
Trying to build a name for yourself is already hard enough as it is, but when you start losing followers during the process it can prove to be quite a disheartening experience, especially if you do not know why.
30 May 2022
Meet our Team - Viktoriia Kalashnikova, PRMR's Head SMM specialist.

As our head social media manager, Viktoriia manages brands' online presence and gives them the best exposure and image by building brand awareness. She is responsible for creating and publishing content on various social media platforms.
27 May 2022
4 principles of successful marketing for crypto projects
Every successful business requires good marketing to thrive. No matter what, your plan has to excel and be up to current standards.
25 May 2022
Aspiring artists and content creators tend to use Instagram as a platform to share their works and ideas but many struggle during the process.
20 May 2022
One of the many services that PRMR offers to give life to your business is SMM.

SMM uses social media apps and enables you to build both brand credibility and customer loyalty. It's a powerful tool that can make your customers more involved and appeal potential ones.
17 May 2022
May seems to be all about immersion and new technologies for Instagram as they added two important features.

1. The first is pretty much Instagram embracing NFTs by launching a new functionality for NFT creators and collectors to share their NFTs. This way, creators will be able to make money out of their work by sharing them and collectors can showcase their own. Your NFTs can be quite easily shared via Stories, messages, or Feed.
16 May 2022
Successful businesses require a good marketing analyst to do proper research and ensure they grow. The following are the main and most important ones.
11 May 2022
Today's case is the highly performant and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange - LocalTrade.

LocalTrade uses cutting-edge technology to provide the most innovative services the market has to offer to its users. More often than not the exchange's decisions tend to be on the bold side, working wonders at impressing those who partake in it. With its ultra-powered API, quality trading tools, high security, and 100% discounts on trading fees, it's no surprise it'd be appealing.
8 May 2022
Discord is a place for like-minded people from all over the world to come together and discuss their favorite topics.

It has now especially become house to hundreds of crypto communities where word spreads quickly and people can learn new and different things. Here are 5 of Discord's current most popular crypto servers...
6 May 2022
Elon Musk isn't one to sugarcoat things. If he has something in mind, he says it loud and clear. His current Twitter 'crusade' is all about freedom of speech which can mean a lot for different people.

Many believe that this overtaking will help further evolve the advertising solutions they can propose. The platform is known to be a place where cryptocurrency enthusiasts talk and meme a lot, there's a lot of appreciation for the Web3 on Twitter and now advertisers can make the most out of it.
20 Apr 2022
Meet our Team - Mykyta Shmanatov, PRMR's SERM specialist.

Creating a positive image for the brand is extremely important. Mykyta ensures that each brand's reputation stays at its peak by controlling and influencing branded search engines as well as both negative and positive reviews.
17 Apr 2022
Another case of ours that we're proud to share is the groundbreaking exchange - QMALL.

QMALL is the first exchange to ever be implementing a metaverse. That enough shows how its technology goes above and beyond to give its users innovative tools to meet all their needs. 
12 Apr 2022
Digital marketing keeps changing and evolving by the day. This is why it's important to stay up to date with its latest trends and quirks to ensure a better business. 
8 Apr 2022
Top brands use TikTok as never befor
Over 1 billion active users and nearly 10 hours of content viewing per day. These are TikTok's numbers in 2022.
5 Apr 2022
Influence-marketing is a promotion tool that helps to attract the target audience quickly and efficiently! Such advertising gives a very high conversion and leads to loyal customers who are ready to immediately fill out applications.
1 Apr 2022
Meet our Team - Maria Mazhar, PRMR's Head of Marketing Department.
Maria is a born leader. She oversees the implementation of our projects' marketing strategies, and guides the designated teams to execute them to perfection.
4 Febr 2022
How to reach 1,5 million 
crypto users within 4 month?
With PRMR, elevating your reach will become nothing but a child's play. 
Just like our already successful 120+ projects, you can get at least 1,5 million crypto
3 Febr 2022
Nikolai Udianskyi – PRMR's CEO. A Businessman, an entrepreneur, a man who enjoys the smallest things in life. His pleasure derives from taking part in the creation and evolution process of innovative projects.
2  Febr 2022
The way we do things is quite simple. You just have to set your goal and let us know your desired results/outcome, and we'll take it upon ourselves to come up with the perfect strategy that'll ensure your vision is met.
1 Febr 2022
When will you need this service?
Ever feel like your posts aren't truly reaching the audience you want them to? Perhaps you've been trying hard to get more people to join your cause and love your project, but somehow, 
30 Jan 2022
No business can grow if its user base isn't a solid one. Getting more users ensures getting more exposure and thus more success. PRMR's services are tailored to make your business bloom
29 Jan 2022
What is PRMR
PRMR is a marketing agency that efficiently manages to create strategies for B2B and B2C companies that are working in the blockchain industry.